Fixed or Floating Weeks?

Your vacation week at Calabogie Peaks Resort is either a fixed week each year or a floating week in one of four seasonal periods.

Fixed Week

If you own a fixed week, you have selected a specific week to stay at the Resort each year.

Floating Week

If you own a floating week, you have selected a range of potential weeks to stay at the Resort during one of four seasonal periods designated by the following colours:

Peak Red Highest Varies March Break
    26-35 July & August
    Varies Christmas & New Years
Red High 1-12 January, February & March - prime ski
    22-25 June - prime golf
    36-40 Sept. - prime golf
Yellow Medium 41-43 October
Green Low 13-21 April & May
    44-50 November & December

Reservations may be made up to one calendar year in advance by completing the online reservation form, which is automatically emailed to the Member Services department when completed.

You can reserve any floating week you wish within your colour code or a colour of lower demand. This provides the flexibility to vacation during a variety of different times and seasons. For instance, if you have purchased a red week, you can vacation at the Resort in either prime ski or prime golf season which are weeks 1-12, 22-25 and 36-40, excluding March Break.