There are three ways to use your vacation week:

  • vacation during your week at Calabogie Peaks Resort;
  • rent-out your vacation week at Calabogie Peaks Resort; or
  • deposit your vacation week with Interval International in exchange for a week at one of Interval International’s world-wide member resorts.

Additional Usage Features for “Lock Off “ Units

If you own a week in the Cedars (300 units), you have additional options. The 300 units are
configured as two or three bedroom units. The main section of the lock-off consists of a one or
two bedroom unit and the portion that “locks-off” is a studio unit. You can use the unit as a
whole, or “lock-off” the studio as a separate unit so that you can rent it out or deposit it with
Interval International. When you recover your week from Interval International, you will have to
pay their exchange fee. Lock-off units offer the following additional options:

  • vacation in the main unit and rent or deposit the studio;
  • vacation in the studio and rent or deposit the main unit;
  • rent the main unit and studio separately; or
  • deposit the unit and studio separately.

Reserving Your Vacation Week

All vacation owners should reserve their vacation week in advance by completing the
online reservation form which is automatically emailed to the Member Services department
when completed.

  • A 300's (Cedars) reservation must be for the owner’s unit type and vacation week colour, or for a smaller unit type or lower demand vacation week.
  • All reservations will be assigned a confirmation number.
  • Reservations will be accepted a maximum of one calendar year in advance and a minimum of 90 days in advance, except that reservations will be accepted up to seven days in advance on an availability basis.
  • Specific week reservations in the 300's are subject to space availability. All 300 Unit Owners, however, are guaranteed a vacation week within their purchased colour band provided they follow the reservation guidelines.
  • The Resort may assess a charge to change a reservation.

Renting Your Vacation Week

Calabogie Peaks manages a rental service for owners that wish to rent their vacation weeks. To
rent your vacation week, complete the online rental form which is automatically emailed to the
Member Services department when completed.
The rental pool works as follows:

  1. Place your week in the pool by completing the Resort’s electronic reservation form.
  2. The Resort will make every effort to rent the vacation week at the prevailing prices in effect at the time.
  3. If the vacation week is rented, the Resort will pay the owner a percentage of the rental proceeds.
  4. The Resort is not responsible, in any manner, for rental income in situations where it is unable to rent the owner’s week.

Exchanging Your Vacation Week with Interval International

Once you have decided that you would like to deposit and exchange vacation at another resort, you should exchange your week through Interval International. Please refer to the Interval International exchange guidelines located at the front of your Resort Directory for additional information and easy to follow illustrated examples.

There are two ways to exchange:

Deposit First means that you deposit your week with Interval International and request your exchange vacation destination at that time or a later date. You can deposit your vacation week up to one year in advance of your home resort’s check-in date.

Request First means that you submit a vacation destination request first and deposit later. You do not release your home resort vacation week until Interval International confirms your requested destination. You can make a vacation destination request up to one year in advance of your home resort’s check-in date but your request cannot be beyond your home resort’s check-in date.

Depositing your Vacation Week

  • Owners of 300 Cedars units that wish to deposit their vacation week with Interval International are required to make their reservation at Calabogie Peaks. Complete your reservation form online and it will be automatically be emailed to the Member Services department. You may then book your vacation destination with Interval International.
  • Owners of 100’s and 200’s units do not need to reserve their units before depositing with Interval International.
  • Interval International will hold your deposit for up to two years after your home resort check-in date before it expires.
  • There are two types of deposits: “regular deposit” and “late deposit”.

Regular deposit

A “regular deposit” is when you have deposited your vacation week with Interval International more than 60 days in advance of your home resort’s check-in date.

If you have made a regular deposit, it enables you to do long range planning. After you have deposited your week, you can book your vacation up to one year in advance of your requested check-in date with Interval International.

Late deposit

A “late deposit” is when you have deposited your vacation week with Interval International less than 59 days before your check-in date. Interval International will not accept deposits less than 14 days before your check-in date.

Flexchange Program

Interval International’s Flexchange program enables you to travel on short notice and is intended for short range planning. It also allows for the flexibility to change the colour of the week you are exchanging. If you are willing to travel on short notice, you can upgrade a yellow or green week (low and medium demand) to a red week (high demand). If you use a “Late Deposit” you must use the flexchange Program to recover your vacation week.

  • The Flexchange Program allows you to exchange less than 60 days and more than 24 hours before your anticipated travel date.

Requesting Your Vacation Week

When you are ready to select your exchange destination you must contact Interval
International and make a request. For easy vacation planning - request early and be flexible.

  • When placing a request with Interval International, you are required to select either:
  • o a minimum of three different resorts and at least one travel date, or
  • o one resort and three travel dates.
  • Interval International’s inventory changes daily as owners deposit their vacation weeks. Interval International’s system only checks on availability at the time that you inquire unless you leave a “pending request”.
  • A “pending request” is an ongoing search. If you would like Interval International to continue to search for your requested destination, you must leave a “pending request”.
  • When you place a “pending request” with Interval International, the computer system checks all the incoming deposits from the resorts you have listed against the dates that you have requested. If there is a match, the computer will automatically confirm you and Interval International will send you a confirmation immediately.
  • Remember, all confirmations are final.

Have A Wonderful Holiday!